Corey Rauch: The Captain

Adam Gillette: Chief Operating Officer

Ashley Jones: General Manager

Natasha Farley: Media Specialist


From Seed to Sale and Everything In Between, We've Got You Covered.

Family Owned and Operated, Legit Ship CBD is here to help connect the dots between Buyers, Suppliers, and Service Providers in the Hemp and CBD Industry. Whether you are looking for new avenues to sell and promote your products or services, perhaps not completely satisfied with the products, pricing, or services you are currently being provided, or even if you are just looking for something new and exciting to explore in the industry and don’t know where to begin, look no further because Legit Ship CBD is here to help get you connected today!

We are Here to Make a Change.

We are not here to get rich and get out, we wish to create strong, long-lasting business relationships with our clients and future business partners for many years to come. We believe in full transparency and leave everything out on the table, so the only question to be asked by our contacts is “why couldn’t we have found each other sooner!” We wish to conduct clean, straight business and operate only on a professional level as we expect to work with nothing other than professionals in the industry.

We Do The Heavy Lifting.

Are you tired of running around chasing your own tail and wasting your time when you could be focusing that energy on what is important to you? We are here to eliminate the headache and hassle that comes heavy handed in this industry, every single day. Let us get you integrated and connected into our system to create more time for you and your everyday schedule.

We Don't Get Paid Until You're Completely Satisfied.

We utilize permanent fixed rate agreements with our direct Buyers, Suppliers, or Service Providers to build trust in this new and emerging industry. This allows us to step aside and connect the dots more efficiently once both parties are in acceptance. Our typical rate ranges anywhere from 3 - 5% of the purchase price of completed transactions for any business or services we bring to you. We only get paid when both parties are completely satisfied post-transacting.

We Never Forget Our Foundation.

We have a very large network that is growing every single day. Most of our contacts we have gained organically, however a good portion we have been introduced to by contacts working very closely with our team. We keep track of references in our system so that anybody bringing us contacts or deals can be compensated for the time and energy they have invested into helping us out. Commissions may vary depending on time and energy spent, information or deal provided, and are only paid upon completed transactions. Interested in working with our team? Contact us today for more details, anybody can make money using our system.